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Baldwin County DUI AttorneyAt stake in drunk driving litigation is your right to drive, your freedom from imprisonment, and your civil rights and liberties. At the Law Office of John W. Cowling, we fight for your rights. As Baldwin County lawyer, John W. Cowling provides you with qualified legal advice as you make your way through the maze of legal proceedings.

We are dedicated to protecting clients' rights against the prosecution's interest in obtaining a conviction. John W. Cowling, Baldwin County drunk driving lawyer, leverages substantial legal skill and networks of professional contacts to help clients deal with a DUI citation, arrest, or conviction. In some cases, independent forensic evaluations of breathalyzers, blood, and urine samples can help to secure a DUI dismissal or acquittal. In other cases, a person's civil liberties were violated, rendering testimony from police officers and other prosecution witnesses inadmissible. The circumstances of your case could affect the outcome of the litigation. At the Law Office of John W. Cowling, an Alabama DUI attorney personally evaluates the circumstances leading up to your arrest to offer you comprehensive legal advice and representation throughout a DUI proceeding.

Skilled DUI attorney in Baldwin County can make a difference when the evidence seems stacked against you

Due to the implied consent law in Alabama, a lawful arrest for a driving offense, gives law enforcement officials the right to perform a test for blood alcohol content. If the test is refused, a 90-day license suspension is the automatic consequence. But once you have been arrested, you have the right to a local DUI Defense Attorney, and you can request that your attorney be present prior to submitting to any tests. John W. Cowling has the experience needed to ensure all testing is performed in accordance with appropriate standards.

Even if a test was administered without the benefits of a DUI attorney in Baldwin or Mobile County; we have extensive experience refuting test results for a variety of reasons. We can also help get charges dropped or reduced by citing mitigating circumstances based on your specific situation. Even if you believe you are innocent of all charges, you should not try to handle the situation without skilled legal assistance—let the Law Office of John W. Cowling help ensure the best possible results for your case.

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