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Domestic Violence Defense AttorneyAt the Law Office of John W. Cowling in Loxley or Mobile, Alabama, we handle cases for individuals who are being investigated for or charged with domestic violence. The consequences of a conviction on these charges can be extremely serious and life-changing in a negative way, now and into the future.

Baldwin County domestic violence defense lawyer John W. Cowling will work hard to protect your freedom, your right to keep your job and your ability to carry a firearm. A security clearance can be at risk and needs to be protected if your occupation requires it. Attorney John W. Cowling will aggressively defend against both misdemeanor and felony cases involving domestic violence charges.

Alabama Spousal Abuse

If a temporary restraining order is granted against you, this could limit or curtail your contact with your children. A permanent restraining order can be granted for a year or longer and have a serious effect on your child custody case or right to visitation. You may even lose the ability to live in your own home. It is important to know that if such an order is granted, you will not have the right to contact your partner or significant other even if you want to work on improving the relationship.

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